We are committed to being a responsible business aiming to help our clients and our community, whilst reducing our environmental impact.

Positive Community Impact

We are eager to drive positive community impact and financial education. We host local events including Careers in Finance presentations at local schools and Cost of Living events. We insure the Lingfield Christmas Lights each year and are actively involved with the Lingfield Chambers of Commerce.

Our ability to provide a reliable, consistent service, is made possible by the high level of qualifications obtained by our advisers and importantly, the attitude and loyalty of our team members. We have a hard working team with experience, knowledge and qualifications. We are proud that all our team members have been recruited locally and most have a quick stroll to the office. We have always had an open mind when recruiting, prioritising an approach to work and care for our clients, over an extensive CV. We strive to reciprocate the care they show to our clients, by providing a flexible and supportive working environment. For the parents among us, we know there is always an Easter parade, Christmas nativity, sports day or assembly to go to!

We are committed to personal and career development through obtaining professional qualifications and career enhancing opportunities. We provide training and time to support goals and ambitions to help all members of the team be happy and fulfilled at work and in their wider lives outside of work.

We believe our team has underpinned the success and growth of Hearnden Associates with most of our new clients recommended by existing clients.

We are members of the Lingfield Chamber of Commerce's Preferential Employee Active Rebate Loyalty Scheme (PEARLS) which encourages mutual support of the local business community by providing local staff discounts.

Positive Environmental Impact

We run a number of initiatives aimed at lowering the company's overall environmental impact. We have implemented measures, such as utilising digital rather than paper documents, to ensure that we minimise the paper we use. Any paper we have to use is recycled and we work with local company, S4B to shred and recycle confidential paperwork. In 2021, they recycled 191 tonnes of confidential paper, which saved 0.3 tonnes of CO2.

Our Clients

Since early 2000, when we were first established, the principle of aiming to provide the same level of service we would personally hope to receive has run through the core of our business.

We are dedicated to offering professional, friendly and expertly tailored financial advice and the client is always at the heart of what we do. We are independently owned and are able to provide our clients with unbiased and unrestricted advice, focused on their best interests. We are Chartered Financial Planners, which means, in the words of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), our company has “committed to the highest levels of technical and professional knowledge and competence through professional qualifications”.

We pride ourselves in the standard we provide our clients and the FCA's Consumer Duty standards are embedded in everything we do; acting in good faith, avoiding foreseeable harm and helping consumers achieve their financial objectives.

We are committed to enabling financial resilience and confidence for those most vulnerable. We adhere to an industry code of ethics and are aligned with the objectives and standards of the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce which aims to promote greater understanding, incorporate appropriate behaviours and establish good practice in respect to consumer vulnerability.

In terms of our investment propositions, our Generation Portfolios take a progressive stance in terms of fund selection, with an aim of selecting investments that focus on a positive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) outcome, where available, whilst taking pragmatic approach when balancing this with their financial metrics and performance. In 2021, we partnered with ESG specialists, Worthstone, who provide consistent and transparent impact research. Worthstone is an award winning, purpose driven business, independent and impartial from fund managers.

A growing number of mainstream lenders are now offering green mortgages. The idea is that if you're moving into an energy-efficient home or making your property greener, your lender will reward you for that with a better interest rate or cashback on your mortgage. This encourages our clients to be more ‘green’ as it means a better mortgage deal, lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Our company takes our corporate social responsibility seriously.